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Soccer is a tough, physically demanding sports soccer kick You need a combination of incredible strength, blinding speed, lightning quick agility, massive power, and never-ending endurance. It’s no wonder all the professional soccer teams have their own full-time strength coaches.

In the past, you had to hire a private strength coach or trainer to create your workouts and spend hundreds or thousands of dollars a month. But those days are over.

World Cup Workouts is the only resource in the world filled with a full year of soccer-specific workouts created exclusively for serious soccer players who want to take their game to the next level. Strength training, foot speed, and plyometrics – it’s all in here.

And as a special bonus, you’ll have free instant access to the world’s largest network of workout sites in the world crammed with over ten thousand workouts! Everything from medicine ball workouts to bodyweight only workouts. You will never run out of workout ideas

World Cup Workouts for Improved Performance on the Pitch

Of all the elite athletes, World Cup players probably have the strongest legs and fastest reflexes. The acceleration and agility of soccer players are enviable, and their endurance is simply astounding. You, too, can train like a professional soccer athlete to achieve the level of athleticism that’s unique to World Cup players.

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Football Drills To Help You Become A World-Class Soccer Player

Here are some of the best exercises you can do to improve your performance on the pitch.

  • Agility workouts. Threading between defenders to steal the ball requires you to be able to cut, swerve, and sprint like only professional soccer athletes can. Exercises like ground marker drills using quick side steps, weaving shuttle drills, and cross drills can help improve your agility.
  • Endurance training. For 90 minutes without little rest in between, you’ll need to be able to run, jog, or sprint for a total of seven or so miles. Sometimes, you’ll need to run backward at full speed, too. Tight space dribbling and slalom dribbling drills can help increase your endurance and improve your ball handling skills.
  • Speed training. You need to be able to sprint at full speed at the drop of a hat. Zig-zag sprint drills and broken 100-yard sprints will help you increase your sprint speed while developing your ability to change directions quickly.
  • Lower body workout. It’s no secret that soccer players need to have explosive strength and power in their legs. Sideline to sideline drills and box to box runs can help you develop your lower body strength in no time. Split squats simulate the movements you need to make when you transition from a jog to an explosive sprint you need to make when you transition from a jog to an explosive sprint.

Benefits of World Cup Workouts

World Cup Workouts SoccerFast footwork, agility, and endurance are only a couple of the fundamentals for playing men’s soccer/football. Also, the full rundown of advantages picked up from playing this game are various. While it is most mainstream in European and Latin American nations (it’s even the national game of Brazil), Americans are starting to participate in the fervor both at the recreational and focused levels. The best part about this game is that you can play with any number of players, in any open space!

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